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Tattooed Nipples

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Tips for Longer Wear

Rub-On Nipples® can last one to two weeks, depending on many factors including your lifestyle, activities, and even the weather. Here are some ways that you can get longer wear time from your temporary tattoos:

Let tattoos dry before dressing.
After you first place your tattoos on the skin, they need time to dry and set, so delay dressing for at least 15 minutes. The tattoo must be totally dry before it rubs against any material or else it will smear. A robe can be lightly draped over the area while drying, but not tied whereby it will rub against the chest when you move. A dusting of powder can help set and dry the tattoos after 15 minutes. Note: It is best not to apply the tattoos close to bedtime. Without a couple of hours to set well, the tattoos could be smudged while sleeping.
Wear a camisole with coarse fabrics.
Wearing a coarse fabric such as linen or twilled cotton will reduce their wear time. To reduce friction while wearing these types of fabric, layer a soft fabric underneath, such as camisole or light bra.
Wear two layers while exercising.
Friction from your clothes will make the tattoo peel off.  A camisole or bra may help to reduce friction during exercise.
Avoid harsh soaps and towel dry gently without rubbing.
Harsh soaps, especially astringents and acidic solutions can reduce wearing time. Use a mild soap and wash lightly. Do not rub the tattoo with a wash cloth or towel.

• Keep the tattoos powdered in humid weather.
The tattoos may feel tacky in very humid weather, and this can reduce wear time. Use extra powder in humid weather, especially before going to bed. 

Caressing may reduce wearing time.
Enjoy and keep a spare pair on hand!

Quick Fix for Adhesive Film

Lighter tattoo colors sometimes develop a shadowy film when fuzz from clothing is picked up by the adhesive. (This naturally-occurring adhesive film is usually not noticed on darker colors.) A light dusting of powder may help prevent this. If the adhesive film does occur, it can be corrected by a very light swipe with alcohol on a paper towel. Do NOT rub, as alcohol also removes the tattoo.

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