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Tattooed Nipples

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Tattooed Nipples celebrates women who are moving forward and living life fully after mastectomy. Embracing Mastectomy provides self-healing topics for post-mastectomy women.

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User Guide

To apply your tattoo:
It is best to stand in front of a sink facing a mirror. Lean against a towel to catch the dripping water.

  1. Skin should be clean, dry and free of oils, lotions or hair.
  2. Cut the diameter around the edge of the tattoo. This step is optional, but it helps when determining placement.
  3. Remove the clear top sheet. Note: If you miss this step before wetting the paper backing (step 5), the tattoo will be ruined. (It will adhere to the clear sheet instead of your skin.)
  4. Determine desired placement before placing the tattoo face down on the skin. Press firmly and it will adhere to your skin. (Once you have pressed the tattoo onto your skin, do not remove it and re-apply to the skin as this will mar the final result.)
  5. Wet the paper backing of the tattoo with a very wet sponge or paper towel, holding it over the tattoo for about 30 seconds. Sprinkle additional water onto the towel with your fingertips.
  6. Peel off the paper backing from the skin. If the tattoo is not yet ready to glide off easily, continue to hold a few seconds longer.
  7. Rinse tattoo gently by patting it with water on your fingertips.
  8. Important: Let air dry, except for lightly dabbing the drips just below the tattoos. Delay dressing for 15 minutes (the longer, the better!) so the tattoos dry before they rub against any material. A hair dryer (low setting) can speed up this process. Also, a light dusting of cornstarch powder can help set and dry the tattoos before dressing.
    It is best not to apply the tattoos close to bedtime. Without a couple of hours to set well, the tattoos could be smudged while sleeping.

To remove your tattoo:
Soak the tattoo with rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. Wait 10 seconds, then rub gently and repeat the process until the tattoo begins peeling off. Any residue can be removed with baby oil. (Tip: The removal process is easier when done immediately after bathing or showering. The wet tattoo absorbs the alcohol much quicker than when it is dry.)

Removal tip: The removal process is easier when done immediately after bathing or showering. The wet tattoo absorbs the alcohol much quicker than when it is dry.

Quick Fix for Adhesive Film

Lighter tattoo colors sometimes develop a shadowy film when fuzz from clothing is picked up by the adhesive. (This naturally-occurring adhesive film is usually not noticed on darker colors.) A light dusting of powder may help prevent this. If the adhesive film does occur, it can be corrected by a very light swipe with alcohol on a paper towel. Do NOT rub, as alcohol also removes the tattoo.

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