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Tattooed Nipples

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Tattooed Nipples celebrates women who are moving forward and living life fully after mastectomy. Embracing Mastectomy provides self-healing topics for post-mastectomy women.

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Price Per Six-Pack (3 pairs)

$14.00 each for 2
$12.00 each for 3 or more

Variety Dozen (6 pairs)

Improved Variety Collections: We have changed the Variety Collections to include six pairs instead of four, with a reduction in the cost per pair. That means that each Variety Collection of the Light, Medium or Dark category now includes two pairs of the three colors in that grouping.

Why is this better? Most women who order Variety Collections are new to the product. Having two pairs of a color makes it easier to adjust to the process of applying the tattoos. This is essential for beginners and enables a do-over on the side that may have been applied unevenly.

Price per Collection:
$25.00 each for
$22.00 each for 3 or more

Rub-On Nipples® are mailed in a discreet envelope with

the return address from our corporate name, EV Endeavors, LLC.

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